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A nonprofit organization, and Project of the National Speleological Society;
affiliated with the New York Caving Meetup Group





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See the special NBC Today Show TV Video about the amazing cave survival story
featured in Chris Nicola's book, "The Secret of Priest's Grotto"

Ukrainian American Youth Caver Exchange Foundation
UAYCEF NEWS - UAYCEF (1) awards $1000 grant towards search for the longest cave in the World in Western Ukraine, (2) subsidizes trip to Ukraine for friends and relatives of Priest's Grotto Survivors, (3) UAYCEF awards Luis Espinasa a Scientific Achievement Award for his research,(4)a new book has been released about one of Chris Nicola's Ukraine projects, (5)Start up of a new Caving Meetup.com Group, and (6)starts up a new genocide awareness program with the assistance of those featured in his book. For details, see the "News" page.

http://priestsgrotto2.com/thebook/thebook.html For Info on the Project, Book, Movie & Documentary
The Secret of Priest's Grotto is one of the most gripping survival stories in history. First unearthed by caver Chris Nicola in 2002, this inspiring tale chronicles the survival of four Jewish families from the western Ukraine, who escaped death at the hands of the Nazis by taking refuge in what is now the 9th longest cave in the world. After discovering the survivors in New York and Canada, Nicola teamed up with writer and photographer Peter Lane Taylor who together journeyed back to the Ukraine to explore the Jews' underground refuge first-hand. "The Secrets of Priest's Grotto", a Change Agent Ventures property, is the story of their remarkable discoveries. Order your copy of "The Secret of Priest's Grotto" today. To listen to a National Public Radio podcast Click Here
In 1993 UAYCEF member Chris Nicola stumbled on some rock walls, burnt wood, and other signs of human habitation while exploring western Ukraine's Priest's Grotto cave. In the June / July issue of National Geographic Adventure magazine, the story behind Chris's discovery - one of courage and loyalty through the horrors of the Holocaust - comes to life. Click Here to read an excerpt of the story and an exclusive Q&A with Chris on their website.

Contact Chris Nicola to schedule a Priest's Grotto slide show presentation for your club, school, library, synagogue and/or community center.

Contact Chris Nicola to order a copy of "The Hell Above; Salvation Below", his personal account of his decade long search and struggle to bring the Priest Grotto story to the world.
Click here to order limited autographed editions of the above books

In collaboration with the Internet destination, Changents , Peter Lane Taylor is bringing Chris Nicola’s extraordinary story to viewers, readers, and people worldwide. Currently, Changents and its partners are developing a documentary and motion picture film based on the landmark discoveries in Priest's Grotto. Learn more about this work by contacting Deron Triff at deron@changents.com

Priest's Grotto Pictures    Presentations and Media coverage

The UAYCEF is a nonprofit incorporated organization with NSS Project status, dedicated along with its principle sponsor Western Urkaine's Ternoplo-Podilskyi Caving Club (aka Ternopil Speleo Club "Podilya"), to the exchange of caving related information between the U.S. and Ukraine through the mechanism of student exchange programs, funded through donations from the Caving Community at large.

Since this page is being updated on a fairly regular basis, we invite you to come back often in order to keep up to date with all developments.

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